Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Responding to the President's Speech

While the President seems determined to stay the course (however poorly that course is defined) in Iraq, it also seems clear that most Americans want troops home in 2006. And members of Congress are re-examining their earlier support of the war, as well.

For the next two weeks, MoveOn is sponsoring a petition drive to express -yet again- our concern that there needs to be an exit strategy for this war. They're planning a nationwide round of deliveries while the Members are in their home districts. The thinking is that each Congressperson is trying to assess whether or not the national numbers supporting the war (as in 2/3 of us DON'T)are reflected in his or her district.

Here's a link to the petition: MoveOn Petition.

Here's an interesting article re: our strategy in Iraq. I learned much more from it than I did from the President's speech -and no one could "accuse" this guy of being a bleeding heart liberal!: What's Wrong?.

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