Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Random 10

Here's our weekly "face the music" post. Take out your iPod. Put it in shuffle mode. Tell us the first ten songs that appear, and no fair leaving out the ones that make you look like a dork or adding ones that you think will make you look cool.

Here are mine for the week:
  • Peace, Salaam, Shalom; Emma's Revolution
  • Shanti Mantra; Ravi Shankar
  • The Casting of the Circle; Jessica Gill
  • Lincoln Park Pirates; Steve Goodman
  • Who Will Sing for Me?; Emmylou Harris
  • Don't Know Why; Norah Jones
  • The Women Gather; Sweet Honey in the Rock
  • Southland in the Springtime; Indigo Girls
  • Gracias a la Vida; Holly Near
  • Slumber My Darling; Allison Krause

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