Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More hope????

Yes, there are the elections and the general political conniptions. But really, Mike over at Musing's Musings has covered those quite nicely.

Last night, I was so steamed with Dennis Hastert I could hardly see straight. He is my Representative and I think it's safe to say that we are mutually dissatisfied with each other. He's not going to be exactly shocked by the news that I'm irritated with him.

As a "decisive" response to the information that the United Sates has secret prisons where we torture political detainees, he and Sen. Bill Frist called for an investigation. Okay... but they aren't interested in how such a travesty occurred; they want to know who tattled. It's so obvious where I'm going to go with this, I'll just spare you my rant.

But here's where the hope comes in. Republican Senators are stepping right up to the plate. (See below.... I don't usually have much in common with Republican Senators.) The Washington Post quoted Sen. Lindsay Graham (R -SC) as saying, "Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. The real story is those jails." Sens. McCain, Hagel, and Warner aren't letting go of this issue, either.

The Republicans aren't just jumping when the White House says "jump". This is remarkable behavior from elected officials of either party. There is hope here that the White House has dealt itself another losing hand.

As David Batstone of Sojourners Magazine states so nicely, opposing torture is not a partisan cause. The practice of torture so fully embraces evil it dehumanizes both the torturer and its victim. No just cause can be won if it relies on torture to succeed.

Maybe I should whisper. I don't want to tempt fate. I haven't felt this hopeful in.... a long time.

But do write a note to Rep. Hastert if you get a chance. I wouldn't want us to lose the opportunity to point out to him that there's no political percentage in his position. Not to nag (much), but REALLY write if you live, as I do, in Representative Hastert's Congressional district. He only has a job as long as we say he does.

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