Monday, November 21, 2005

Make Torture Un-American

I've written about this issue before (look here for more information: More Hope), so I'm sorry to try your patience. Mysteriously, the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives isn't getting it that torture and American ideals don't go in the same sentence. Specifically, Speaker Hastert is using a procedural loop-hole to block voting on Sen. McCain's anti-torture amendment to the FY '06 Defense Appropriations Bill. Everyone should write to him, but particularly those of us who live in his district.

There's a sample letter and more information here: Act for Change. It might not be a bad idea to remind him that he only has a job as long as we say he does. I hear there's a wrestling coach position open in Yorkville. Maybe he could go back to that.

Okay... that last part was mean. Sorry.

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