Tuesday, November 22, 2005

If Everyone Lived Like Me...

According to this Ecological Footprint quiz, if everyone lived like me, we'd need 6.6 planets. Well, that shouldn't be a problem, because we have so many. Sigh. And the kicker is that I thought we were being so good. We ride our bikes. We recycle. We drive our car rather less than the national average. We messed up because we have a big house that only two people live in these days. That's unlikely to change in the next little while. (We aren't getting more people, lest the rumors start! I suppose someday we'll sell the house and move to something more realistic.) The quiz does a good job, though, of giving suggestions for changing behavior.

Since I'm not up for selling the house just now, the suggestion that would make the most difference is to buy more of my food from local farmers. THOSE we have, out here in the cornfields. I'm going to track down the Community Supported Agriculture guys that I know are out there.

So.... misery loves company. Tell me how YOU scored. On this quiz, I mean.

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