Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sound the disaster sirens

This is bad! Well, really it's great, but it's also bad. My brother and his family are in town. We were going to meet for brunch somewhere in between where we are and where they are. In the meantime, there was a phone message that I didn't get, saying that instead he and their one year old son were coming to our house for the morning!!!!

So, forget world peace. Forget pay equity. Forget working for justice. I'm doing battle with dust bunnies, and I'm here to tell you they are NOT an endangered species. And I'm trying to make our house baby-safe and, wild dream here, baby-congenial, when it hasn't needed to be either in a really long time. I'll go back to doing battle with ideas and injustices just as soon as they leave. Well, and as soon as I deal with all the junk I've stuffed madly into closets.

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