Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Here we go again - more proposed budget cuts

This issue is important and urgent.

Thursday morning, the House of Representatives is considering a proposal to cut up to $50 billion from basic services to the poor: health care, nutrition, and education services. They are spinning this as necessary because of the high cost of rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. Yet, the same revised budget has $70 billion in tax cuts, mostly for the wealthy.

How can I spin this as anything other than cruel and shameful behavior? I seriously can't think of a single explanation where this comes out as the sensible and ethical decision. Please, please take a minute to drop your Representative a line.

If you want more information before writing, here's some:

New York Times article. You'll need a free subscription.

Washington Post article. Again, you'll need a subscription.

But really, if you're inclined to help, you need to do it today.

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