Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Random 10

Here's the game: Take out your iPod. Put it in shuffle mode and tell us the first 10 songs that appear. And no fair leaving out songs that make you look like a total dork or adding songs that will make you look cool.

Here are mine for this week:
  • A Country Dance/Nonesuch; Trapezoid
  • Why Am I Painting the Living Room?;Lou and Peter Berryman
  • Ready to Run; Dixie Chicks
  • If I were Brave; Jana Stanfield
  • Riverdance; Bill Whelan
  • Cartwheels; Patti Smith
  • The Beatitudes; John Michael Talbot
  • Sonata in E; Scarlatti
  • The Ring Song; Krishna Das
  • In Trutina; Hayley Westenra

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