Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why Am I Painting the Living Room?

Holes in the ozone the size of Brazil... the women of Darfur.... lacrosse teams and exotic dancers.... There's plenty of important stuff going on in the world. So, why am I painting the living room?

My baby is graduating from college in a few days, that's why. Wasn't it just yesterday that he toddled across the gymnasium to graduate from kindergarten??? And that's a trauma of a certain kind, heaven knows. Where did the time go? How can I be the mother of two children in their 20s? Will they make their way in the world? Did I do enough? More on those questions later, I'm sure. But the immediate trauma staring me in the face is that both grandmothers are on their way to stay with us.

Ozone bedamned (temporarily), we've got ISSUES here. I must be seen to be one of those working moms who has it all together. I have fabulous children. Check. Great husband. Check. A job -a career, even. Good. Now I have to entertain like Martha Stewart and make it all look easy? I'm having a bloody breakdown.

Or, the claim could be made that I'm making up this "requirement" to avoid having to think about the fearsome question of sending my baby out into the world. (Without me -what the hell is THAT about??)

Hush, and pass the drywall goop.

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