Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another Day; Another Dullard

I'm still here, struggling to make sense of my life. Which must get astoundingly boring to read about, so I'll spare you the details. I would have thought I'd have made more progress by now, but there seems to be a steady stream of assaults on my equanimity. But I'm here. I'm coping.

I went to yoga last night and that was wonderful -and probably helpful (along with the steamed milk and honey that I tried) in finally sleeping through the night for the first time in a month. Today I got a major reinvention haircut. I'm a little freaked out about that, but I think I'll like it before long. There's some modest hope that I'll have a job before the end of the week. Please think good thoughts about that. Think them hard, if you don't mind.

So, all in all... I'm putting one foot in front of the other. but not much more than that.


jill said...

So, all in all... I'm putting one foot in front of the other. but not much more than that.

Well, that's pretty much what the rest of the world is doing, my dear. Not many people are leaping tall buildings at a single bound...

Lianne Raymond said...

Ok - I am trying again to comment (using another computer). I have commented on your last 3 posts and they don't show up. Frustrating.

I just wanted you to know I am holding you in my heart, thinking and praying for you as you go through this dark night.

You know what Churchill said - if you're going through hell, keep going. It sounds like you are doing just that. Would love to see a pic of the new haircut.

(xing my fingers that this works)

Lisa :-] said...
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Lisa :-] said...

I deleted my first comment because I can't seem to type or proofread worth a damn tonight...

What I said was, I'm thinking good job thoughts for you. Hard. :-]

Mollie F. said...

Definitely thinking happy job thoughts, but I, too, want to see a pic of the new 'do!

wombat said...

I hope you get the job you want. I'll be sad if it takes you very far away though. So best wishes, but hope we will continue to see you around DeKalb. Maybe I can see the new do on Thurs.

breadchick said...

I'm sending you huge giant hugs via the ether tonight. You've been on my mind a lot the past few days and I was wondering how you were doing.

One foot in front of the other is the way to go and congrats on sleeping through the night! Oh, and the new hair cut is good sign Andrea.

hugs and good thoughts...

Sharon said...

Andrea, I'll send you job vibes until get that sucker!

One foot in front of the other and, remember, we're pushing from behind.

Elisa said...

Good luck with the job, and the sleep. Everything seems worse when you can't sleep, doesn't it? Take care of yourself, Andrea.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea,
I've been searching for your email for a while, as I just wanted to
reach out to you.

I know I'm an outsider when it comes to what you and Dave are going
through. I really
know very little, but do know that the 2 of you are apart ... &
trying to put myself in that situation just gives me insurmountable

While I want to "mind my own business", I did want to drop you a line
to say I am thinking and praying for you, in a time which may be your
darkest thus far.
I can only pray that you & Dave are given the strength to do what is
best for the 2 of you.


Anonymous said...

(ooops .... that's Carol Chan in the last post)