Sunday, May 07, 2006

Progressive Faith Carnival

What lovely and inspiring posts!

I had wanted to focus on faith (any faith at all) and its intersection with social justice, and I was rewarded with more suggestions than I can reflect on in one week -which is a good problem to have.

The Velveteen Rabbi wants us to re-consider Leviticus and its problematic language re: same-sex unions. It's a compassionate and thoughtful precis, called Re-interpreting What Hurts.

Another effort at re-considering Leviticus and same-sex relationship can be found at Radical Torah. I was particularly taken by the question found there, "Does Torah anticipate -even intend- its own transformation?" We could wrestle around with that question very productively for quite a while. Thank you!

Okay, I'm detecting a theme. Was this an assignment or something? There's another Torah exploration on this same subject at Mah Rabu. The conclusion here ought to be obvious, but actually takes fairly careful scholarship. Some homosexual unions are sacred and others aren't. Sort of like heterosexual unions that way.

On social justice more generally, Time's Fool considers the similarities between tzedakah in the Hebrew tradition and agape in the Christian tradition. It's a short and sweet post that has some lovely food for thought.

Blue Jersey has a post on immigration, push polling, and Zogby's recently released poll on American attitudes towards immigrants. You can find it here: Zogby Slanders America. He has another post on covering the uninsured here: Covering the Uninsured. It has some interesting statistics, solid commentary, and a refreshing tidge of sarcasm right where it belongs.

Check out FaithAbility for updates on the intersection of religion, religiosity, and disability. I can't really point to a particular bit of expository prose here, but then, that doesn't seem to be this blog's mission. I was more than a tidge disturbed by the article pointing out that a Catholic bishop had denied an autistic child communion. Sigh.

We take a turn toward the literary with poetry arguing that we all need to acknowledge Holocaust Remembrance Day, even if we're not Jewish. You'll find it here: Knocking from Inside.

And hey, it's my turn so here's a post of mine: There Were No Needy Among Them. It's an on-the-fly commentary on social justice, social work, and the community in Acts. It's not great, but it is, well, recent. Is that enough of a recommendation?

And a friend of a friend, Steve Haliczer, has an interesting new blog that puts the policies of the Catholic Church in historical perspective. There an interesting post on women in ministry that you can find here: The Struggle for Women's Ministry. I'm not sure that the point here is to be progressive about Catholicism so much as it is to be historically rigorous. But the end result might be the same.

And two slightly later additions, but definitely worthy of mention. The first isn't a blog, but an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle of May 4. I saw it via Common Dreams News Center. The title says it all: Where Have All the Leaders Gone? The blogger at A Place At the Table has less patience with institutional religion than I do -and that's saying something- but (and?) offers compelling critiques, particular where religiosity meets up with sexual orientation.

Whew! Next week's carnival will be hosted by Knocking from Inside. More information about the carnival itself can be found here: Progressive Faith Carnival.

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord -and one another.

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