Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bike to Work

Get on your wheels. It's Bike to Work Week, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. Truth be told, I think the official week was last week, but here in town we're doing it now. Besides, with gas prices being what they are, it doesn't hurt to ride your bike any old day.

If you need to get back in shape for riding, you might try joining in the Monday evening group rides. They meet at North Central Cyclery at 5:30 and we're generally only out for a couple of hours. These rides might get longer as the daylight extends, but I promise you won't be the slowest rider. The way that I know this is that I'm the slowest rider. Guaranteed! There's also a Wednesday evening ride, but it's fast. They will drop you if you can't keep up, so you won't be seeing me at those rides. And then there's the Saturday morning ride that meets at 8:00 am at Chesapeake bagel. That's my day to ride with the boy, so I don't go to that one either. But I hear it's fun.

And if you need still more motivation -besides the relief to your wallet and the offer of good company- there's the recent study that suggests that cyclists who make frequency a priority over volume maintain a higher level of fitness than their long-haul counterparts. So, the comparatively short ride to work and back home will help stave off middle-aged spread.

What are you waiting for???

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