Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pro-Life, at what cost?

I got a telemarketing phone call last night from the campaign headquarters of Steve King, who is apparently a Representative from the Iowa 5th. Why would I, who live in Illinois, be making a donation to an Iowa candidate, I wondered aloud? Because I'm Catholic, was the reply. And now "we" have the opportunity to roll-back the liberal agenda and end abortion on demand.

Wow. So, in their world, all Catholics vote alike, and we share the agenda of ending abortion on demand. I certainly don't hide the fact that I'm Catholic, but how is it known by someone in Iowa? Is the diocese selling our names?

Naturally, being an obnoxious human being, I asked who was running against Mr. King. There's a primary for the Democratic candidate between Bob Chambers and Joyce Schulte. I picked one at random, and told the young caller that I would now certainly be sending Mr. Chambers a check. From a scan of their websites, I decided that I had accidentally chosen the correct candidate. Joyce Schulte seems fine, too, but she also seems focused primarily on one issue. It's education, which I care about, but it's not enough.

Take notice. There was no subtlety in the stated goal of repealing Roe v. Wade. Clearly this young person cares passionately about this cause, and there was relief and excitement in his voice as he described the possibilities that lay before us. Just imagine, he invited me, what the world would be like without abortion. Alas for him, he had called the wrong house.

Moreover, the more I looked into this (for all of 45 minutes last night, so I'm not an expert) the scarier it got. Rep. King is one of those professional embarrassments to his community. He recently claimed that illegal aliens are responsible for the deaths of 25 Americans every day. He voted against aid to the Katrina victims. He called the pro-immigrant rallies "anti-gringo" events. But he wants to protect fetuses, and that should be enough for me. And so, one last link because I can't resist: Catholics for a Free Choice.

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