Monday, May 01, 2006

Progressive Faith Carnival

I'll be hosting the Progressive Faith Carnival this week. Because, with a kid graduating from college and family about to descend, why would I be task-oriented and do sensible things like dusting? So, here's the thing. I'd like to focus on faith of all varieties and its intersection with social justice. If you have a post about that on your blog and want me to consider it, send me e-mail or post about it in the comments. (To send me e-mail, click on "my complete profile" and there's an e-mail link.) If you have writing about that topic buried somewhere in your computer, this is your sign from the universe to post it, so it can be shared with like-minded people. I'll also be poking around the internet and looking for appropriate articles. But don't worry, I'll definitely ask permission before I post a link to your work here.

And because I haven't entirely taken leave of my senses, please get me your submissions by Friday, May 5. I'll read them all day Saturday and post the links on Sunday, May 7.

Mike, Kellie, Sophie... I'm talking to you ;)