Saturday, December 29, 2007

And...she's OFF!

Starting today, the image of a launch is actually a good one. I'm crazy, deranged busy starting this morning. In fact, I shouldn't be sitting here with my coffee -and certainly not in my bathrobe! My new job starts tomorrow. Yes, on a Sunday that is New Year's Eve. And my yarn shop job is today. And I'm back at home, having spend a week with my family (of origin), and I now have nothing but dirty clothes.

Some breezy observations...

My brother talks tough. (It's the military brother that I stayed with over Christmas). You are SO VERY busted, bro. Anyone who chops up carrots to feed Santa's reindeer, because his 10-year-old son desperately still wants to believe in Santa -and then spends way too much time in the middle of the night picking the carrots up out of the yard, so that the child CAN believe... well, "tough" isn't a word that comes to mind. He was very careful with me, teasing but never over the top, keeping me plied with just enough alcohol so that I could sleep, talking sense to me when I was getting sentimental about what might be possible between Dave and me.... Truly, if you've ever hit the psychological wall and need a place to be cared for, call him.

Baby Thomas is seriously the cutest little thing. He's TEENY. He's almost 2, in every possible way, except height. (I'm familiar with the height problem, dude!) So, he says no, he grouses about his nap but still definitely needs his nap, he will only play with the REAL and most expensive cell phone in the house... And he snuggles, and lets you read him books (while he eats the pages), and blows kisses, and draws pictures.... We did good work there. My brother and his wife think they did most of the work, but we were on the case too. And he is seriously one of our better efforts.

I think I may have psychologically turned a corner. I know there will be ups and downs for me, but there seems to be an opening in the clouds. Literally, that's what it feels like. There is now room in my head to think about other things besides my own troubles. The key moment might have been on the plane last night when I thought... "do you suppose all along, HE hasn't been good enough for ME????" Wouldn't it be funny if that were true? So I have to think about what is going to take up the newfound space in my head. Nothing good can come from keeping it empty ;)

But right now, I have to run. No one wants to learn to knit from a crazy lady in a frumpy bathrobe.

Happiest of New Year's, dear ones. We deserve a good one, this time around.


Sophie_vf said...

Andrea, Andrea - finally, you're realizing what the rest of us have been thinking all along. Keep following that opening in the clouds! I hope the New Year unfolds to reveal more wisdom and joy. I know you'll continue to go from strength to strength.

tigana said...

Andrea, I am wishing you a wonderful and happy new year! Best of 2008 to you.


Lisa :-] said...

Oh, Andrea...I'm SO happy to read this post. You sound so positive and ready to move on. And congratulations on the JOB, New Years, Sunday, or whatever.

Happy New Year, dear. You DO deserve a good one. :-]

Renee said...

Happy New Year! (BTW, New Year's Eve is *Monday*.)

Anonymous said...

What a joy and inspiration to read this post!

suze said...

My dear, he isn't good enough for you. He is *NOT*!

And Thomas is just so full of ****awwwwwww******! We did good!!!

Happy New Year!

Lexy said...

MAYBE he's not good enough for you? That's not a MAYBE, that's a fact A.

I'd learn to knit from a bag lady if she was good.

If nothing good can come from empty space in one's head, then I'm in serious trouble. ;)

Our baby is adorable and healthy, Andrea is on a roll, and all seems right with the world. It's a happy new year!!!!

Loretta_S said...

He is SO not good enough for you. His actions in the past year or so prove that. I'm so glad you finally realized it. Yay!