Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sleeping Like a Princess

Last night was my first night in my brand new/yet antique bed. I felt like a princess. I'm getting a new bedspread, never fear. For right now, that's the only one in the house that fits that size bed.

It doesn't show in the picture, but the bed is really high. I have to kind of launch myself to get into bed. So, I felt all regal and special -like a little girl must feel when she gets a canopy bed with a pink dotted swiss canopy. And the mattress is new and not lumpy and worn, so that part was yummy too. All in all, a good night.

I need to finish this project -flannel sheets, a new comforter, a dust ruffle, girl- pillows. Then I'm going to move on to new bedroom curtains. That could keep me occupied for a month. Dave never wanted curtains. They block the light. But he's not here, and I'm tired of getting dressed in the bathroom so that I don't traumatize the neighbors with a view of me in my undies. I never really resented that compromise, but there's not much point in continuing to make it, now is there?


Lexy said...

I'm thinking......sleepover! Your bed and dressings look so inviting and purty.

You're making some very nice changes there.

Lisa :-] said...

All in all, I think you're making amazing progress. You go, lady!

Renee said...

yay! Maybe a heated mattress pad or electric blanket, too? Those are yum.