Thursday, June 08, 2006

Now I'm an "Abortion Lady"????

Ann Coulter just irritates the crap out of me. I suppose that's no surprise. I used to think that the pretty girl of reactionary politics was actually intelligent, and it was a shame that she is such a poor steward of that gift, using sound bite and dismissive "reasoning" as she does. Now I just think she's a mean-spirited, attention-seeking narcissist.

I can NOT bring myself to make a link to her latest book, Godless. I think my fingers would fall off. But in it, she argues that abortion is the highest sacrament of liberalism and that "the abortion ladies" want legal abortions so that we can have consequence-free sexual trysts.

Yeah, that's it. My life is just a series of wild sexual flings. (Sarcasm there, in case you missed it.) I think I missed the announcement that they were available! Oh well. And there are, in her little world, no pro-choice men? And it couldn't be that we want women to have real choice and control over what happens to their bodies? It couldn't be that we trust women to make wise and prudent decisions? It couldn't be that we want every child to be wanted? It couldn't be that we don't celebrate abortion, but choice?

The thing is, she knows all that. She must. And she chooses to say something different anyway. And as a self-proclaimed evangelical Christian with Jesus whispering in her ear, she knows the name for that. And the fact that it's a sin against the eighth commandment (or the 9th, depending on how you want to count them).

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