Friday, June 02, 2006

Biker-Boy Sighting

Using my extensive network of nun-friends and priests-Andrea-has-dated (stop it... mommies weren't always mommies and priests weren't always priests!), I know that biker-boy is alive and well and somewhere in South Dakota. In keeping with his perspective that bike time is retreat time, he's been staying at retreat centers and monastery/convent guest houses.

So, the good people at Benedictine Peace Center have given rest to the weary traveler. It looks beautiful. I know there are political reasons for not spending your disposable income travel-dollars in South Dakota, but this is really tempting. Two points here, though.....

One problem with priests and nuns (from my perspective), is that it never occurs to them to ask "Have you called your wife?". They are generous and gracious in offering hospitality, but the whole thing about other people worrying is just outside their experience. And you just KNOW that biker-boy isn't going to think of it.

And for a geometer, this boy has a peculiar sense of circularity. He "forgot" to turn around, apparently, and head for home. Unfortunately, the calendar keeps marching forward as well, and the date he needs to be back here hasn't changed. So now the plan is to just keep riding until he finds an Amtrak station and to take the train home. Perhaps my joke that the academy protects people who would otherwise be in a different (and arguably less pleasant) kind of institution isn't so far off after all!

But he'll be home soon. God speed, dear one!

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