Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Vigils Today

I'm getting a little frustrated with the glib response to the President's many and varied travesties against the Constitution -"He's acting like a king." It's a bit glib, for one thing. And besides, what he's really acting like is a criminal. We have laws against this stuff, for crying out loud.

In that spirit, MoveOn is sponsoring Constitution Vigils today to send a message to our elected officials that it's time for Congress to do its job. Defend the Constitution, already! The specific focus for the vigils is the illegal wire-taps, but of course there's more than one possibility here. The "just trust me" argument has been used so frequently lately that it's getting a little dizzying.

Yes, I know. Vigils don't really do anything. Except... maybe they do. If nothing else, they demonstrate that there is, in fact, not consensus on these issues. Congress-people are in the districts this week, so perhaps they will get a more accurate read on people's passions on this subject. Go to MoveOn to see if there's a vigil in your area. If not, read the Bill of Rights yourself. It merits the occasional re-reading, in spite of (or because of) our President's lack of familiarity with it.

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