Thursday, February 09, 2006

Get to Work!

It shouldn't take an act of Congress to get a federal agency to do its job, should it? Well, apparently it does.

Once again, anti-choice political lobbies and elected officials have been more organized than their pro-choice counterparts. They've been using their political clout to prevent the Food and Drug Administration from approving over-the-counter access to the morning-after pill. The FDA Advisory Committee on Reproductive Health overwhelmingly recommended approval of this change. The vote was 23-4, in case you're interested. Yet there's still no approval because the Bush administration has forced the group to a voting impasse.

It's possible to work myself up into quite a froth about this administration's apparent goal of chipping away at women's rights in general and reproductive choice in particular. So, here's the action plan for the day. There's a proposal in the Senate which would give the FDA 30 days to either approve or deny the morning after pill. You can take some action here, if you like: Petition Site.

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