Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Well, it happened.

I told you it would. I went to Wal-Mart. The boy-child had a late hockey game last night and was certain that imminent starvation awaited him at his apartment if we didn't stop somewhere and get him food. I have to tell you though, I saw it with different eyes this time.

Because it was late, the staff was busy re-stocking the shelves. I saw a woman my mother's age (somewhere in the 65-70 range) pushing a heavy cart of stock while simultaneously pulling a grocery cart. She was all bent over from the strain, and the image in my head was of a woman in some developing country struggling to carry water for her family. She looked THAT strained. And guys older than I am stocking shelves. I was tired. I'm being a little melodramatic, perhaps, but it did not seem like a happy or healthy place.

$150 later the boy-child had food (So what does Wal-Mart care what I think, if I keep giving them $150 every so often?? Sigh.) and I'm sharing my concerns with the long-suffering spouse and the way-too-conservative boy-child. Nicholas (the boy-child) believes that we'll be at Wal-Mart 15 times in the next 2 weeks. No possible way, I reply. Dave (the spouse) says he thinks it's entirely possible. They both concur that last night counts for 3 person-trips to the store of doom.

So, they've thrown down the gauntlet. I certainly shopped today, but I made sure it wasn't at Wal-Mart -if for no other reason than I can't let them win. Hey, it's not pretty, but it's motivation!

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