Friday, December 30, 2005


I did it. The lovely pink iPod is being retired. My son actually wants a new iPod, but I'm not sure that pink is his color. I'll see if he wants it, but I'm thinking our daughter is likely to score a slightly-stuffed 6 GB mini out of this deal. But the poor dear mini-pod just got too full to be useful to me. There was no room for my many yoga practices; some audiobooks that I want are just out of the question.... blah, blah, blah.... Best Buy had the 60 GB on sale and I went out and bought it. Just now. I'm fanning myself, like the good Southern belle I am, trying to avoid a fainting spell from having spent that much money on myself. What will people think? -the eternal question of Southern belles of a certain age ;) But it's done. I swear, I love this thing.

I'll save the world tomorrow. Today I'm downloading music.


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