Monday, September 26, 2005

Senator Obama and Bread for the World

Originally, Senator Obama declined to co-sponsor S1120, the Hunger-Free Communities Act; this bill seeks to reduce hunger in this country by HALF by 2010. How cool would that be?? Obama's decision seemed a little strange, since the bill was actually introduced by Dick Durbin. However, Obama has changed his mind and agreed to co-sponsor the bill. For which, he deserves our thanks, in my opinion.

I think that he needs to know that causy left-leaning types are watching, but also that we're supportive of his efforts. And if you're a member of Bread for the World, please mention that to the aide who answers the phone. And if you aren't a member.... ahem.... it's something to consider.

To contact Senator Obama:
phone: 202-224-2854
fax: 202-228-4260
e-mail(a cumbersome form is available at this link): E-mail Senator Obama

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