Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Random 10

Here are the rules: Take out your iPod. Put it in "shuffle" mode and hit play. Record the first 10 songs that show up -and no fair adding in ones you think will make you look cool or leaving out ones that will make you look like a dork. So, here's my list for this week.

  • Illyrian Dawn (from Riverdance) -Bill Whelan
  • Riding My Bike -John McCutcheon
  • Concerto for Two Trumpets -Vivaldi
  • Om Namaha Shiva -Sheila Chandra
  • Windhorse -Bill Douglas
  • Requiem, Opus 48, Agnus Dei -Faure
  • Shall We Gather at the River -Anonymous Four
  • Goodnight Irene -The Weavers
  • Sewing a Name -Claudia Schmidt
  • Meditation from Thais -Massenet

That's pretty much me -a little Celtic music, a little classical, a little folk, a little eastern-meditation stuff... I'm missing the dorky 60-70s music that is also on my iPod, but it shows up often enough for embarassment's sake ;) And there's my new love for bhangra, but I'll spare you that!

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