Friday, June 19, 2009

The Twirly Skirt

Knitter Notes: I got the pattern off Ravelry. It's knit with 4 colors (pretty much all the pinks) of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. The pattern is written in two pieces. WHY???? I disregarded that entirely, and it caused no trouble at all.

Now... It's knit for this little peanut....

Meet Nina, my one and only niece. She's a little older than this now. She can't twirl yet, but I remain steadfast that she needs a twirly skirt. Moreover, in spite of the fact that she has red hair and her mother is probably going to want to bop me over the head with a skein of cotton fleece, she needs a PINK twirly skirt. (Aunties have privileges, and I exercise them all!)

Do you remember that? Twirling and twirling, just to watch things spin and to see your beautiful skirt move like a dancer's? And then you fell down in the grass, laughing, just from the joy of the spinning?

Yeah, we pretty much all need a bit of that. How can we teach the little ones to twirl, if we don't do it ourselves? OK, so now that I'm not a toddler, literal twirling makes me queasy. Metaphorical twirling, that's more like it. Today will be a twirly day! We'll see how it goes.