Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Capacity for Self-Deception

It's huge. The only thing to do today is laugh about it.

What we say: This will probably start to look smaller when I decrease for the armholes.
Truth: Unless you're having a fling with the Jolly Green Giant, that sweater's not fitting anybody you know.

What we say: Wow, I must be getting stronger. Yay me!
Truth: There's a big ol' reality check waiting for you when you turn around and the wind is now in your face.

Rock Climbing:
What we say: "Check me out. I climbed a 5.8. Hey, I wonder if my belayer is getting sick; he's breathing awfully hard."
Truth: He's not sick. He's worn out from hauling you up the rock face.

Oh well. I had fun in the process.


Kimberly said...

I don't rock climb, so I get a bye for that one. I haven't knit any sweaters yet, so that one hasn't cropped up. But, dang, I HATE the bike one!!! Hate, hate, hate it.

breadchick said...

Or this one you will encounter sooner or later in the kayak.

"Hey, I must be getting better at coming into shore with following waves." Truth: The tide is coming in.

The bike one sucks too!

Thanks for the birthday wish!! So, sweet of you. You weren't losing it. It was Wednesday but crazy/life meant I didn't celebrate until this weekend.