Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Proof That I Still Have a Kitchen

...and I know how to use it. This being alone thing is hard to get organized when it comes to cooking and eating gracefully. I've struggled. I've ranted. And I've gained a boatload of weight from eating poorly. OK, we tried that. It didn't work. Let's move along.

With Mary's help, I've gradually re-located my kitchen and started to actually use it. More importantly, I've started to enjoy using it. I still prefer to cook for other people, but I'm even getting the hang of cooking for one.

But today, I got to bake for other people. Happy birthday to my co-workers, Donna and Melissa. And here are your cakes! The real things will be at work in about 45 minutes!!

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breadchick said...

Andrea, those cakes look fantastic! I'm so glad you are finding your kitchen more often.

I find there is a comfort when I'm in the kitchen making a good dinner for myself every night. And you know the best part of making a good dinner for yourself, besides eating better? It is the left overs you get to take to lunch the next day!