Monday, January 26, 2009

Making Space

This is my living room, all packed up and ready to go to Dave's house. I'm keeping the picture on the wall and possibly the floor lamp. That's it.

And I'm okay with this. Other things are disappearing too, but this and the dining room are the only rooms being completely emptied. I realized several months ago that I almost never ventured into these two rooms. Only when talking about it did I also realize that everything here was a gift or a hand-me-down from Dave's family. Coincidence? I doubt it. I have absolutely nothing against Dave's family -quite the contrary, actually. But the gifts have a weight. They belong to the couple that doesn't exist, and barring that, they belong back in the family.

Moreover, with them still in my house there was no space for the new things. The...ummm... new things I haven't quite figured out what they are yet. But the right things will come along, I'm sure. I can start with repairing the floor and the walls and then painting. All of that will be easier to do when the room is empty. Then new curtains.

OK, I get it. Objectively speaking, it looks more than a little dismal. But it feels more like a weight being lifted. I am really okay with this part. Stuff I've never liked is being eliminated, pushing me gently (because the pacing is of my own choosing) toward making what I do want actually happen.


No, no... this is good.


It really is good, actually :)


Patrice said...

Andrea, truly that couch...let's just say, objectively speaking, it's not one to mourn. Good god. Get a pretty sofa and a nice rug. I will help you if you want. It will be fun! We'll do a shopping weekend. Yes, Dave should have that couch. They deserve each other. And YOU deserve something beautiful.

Andrea said...

That couch SUCKS!!! Actually all the furniture does; I won't miss it. Please come and help me!! That would be so great. I do have some thoughts.... no couch. I don't have to have a couch. The police won't come, right?

Nina said...

the police won't come! I want to help, too. I can bring your desk out and help paint and refinish floors. I've never refinished a floor, but I've seen it done on HGTV and it looks pretty easy, and it's done in about 5 minutes. It'll be great.

Andrea said...

Let me finish the office and let my budget recuperate. Then we'll get to work!!!! The new office is coming in well under-budget, though, which is exciting. I don't expect to have too many projects like that, though. Last night I bought the first thing that came in over budget and it was only about $80 over. I'm doing ok :)

Renee said...

It looks like a room bursting with possibility.

Loretta_S said...

You can think of it as getting rid of old baggage. Now the rooms are really yours.