Thursday, January 08, 2009

Aphasia??? Me??!!

OK, it's not aphasia when you have too many words! I need, for quirky reasons of my own, a single word that will help me to dedicate this year -a word from which I can act and toward which I can aspire. It needs to be a good word. No clunky, chunky words, even if they mean something good. ("Duty" might be such a word -a good concept, but a word that doesn't send you forward with a song in your heart, you know?)

Last year's word was "awakening," and I think I did all right in that department. For this year, I want a word that's about moving on and growing and being creative and graceful and not being bitter or angry but, rather, hope-filled. I want confidence and certainty, but not rigidity.

I wrote this last year about my word choice:
...the project at hand is something like being more active... claiming some power....not being a broken, rejected, unlovable wreck but also not having anger as my only tool for avoiding that.

So, no to rejected wreck.
No to flaming bitch.
Yes to ...something in the middle that's strong and yet graceful. Got a word for THAT, anyone?




Patrice said...

How about "arise?"

Elizabeth said...

hmmm.. free, liberated, renewed, joy, epiphany?
I dunno. I'm changing my blog btw and it will still be accessible via Ravelry. I have promised myself to write something every week.

Greta_Jane said...

I like arise as well.

Andrea, I do not know you, but found you via ravelry and have been stopping by on and off for about a year. I so enjoy and am inspired by your blog.

Michael said...


Lexy said...

I'm thinking Integrate - bringing all the pieces (back) together to make a stronger "whole."

Sydney said...

I like the whole idea of plans -- and the colored pencils, and the calendar and the journal. And I too am not that OCD to be worried about past that. Clearly, we could have things to talk about over coffee, lol.

But I do think there's value. I have often learned the hard lesson of setting myself up for disappointment or having expectations... but having lived without a plan for a few years now, I feel completely unmoored. I am spending this time pulling out the pencils again. I need a plan to DEVIATE FROM. A set of goals to keep me FOCUSED. I find this far harder to do being married than being alone, so take heart.... that is something of an advantage to this kind of planning in your new situation.

I think the balance is to set the goals and be willing to be led a bit off course if your gut tells you it's right. This of course, is helped by being in tune with your inner spirit or guide, which is a whole other post, I'm sure.

The other key to the balance, is being able to let go, to shake it off if things turn out differently. Easier said than done but getting the concept is half the battle. (I'll let you know if I ever get the other half down) I think this helps with your mention of the risk of setting oneself up for those tricky expectations by making a plan.