Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Forget Engagement; Let's Go With Retreat!

There are three things in life -at least three- that nourish my soul, that make my troubles fall away: spending time with my children doing anything at all, big bodies of water, and holding a newborn baby for as absolutely long as I can get away with doing it. There was no baby involved today, but other than that it was an absolutely perfect day. Early this morning, Victoria and I set off on a "mommy and me" adventure to the Indiana Dunes.

The weather was perfect. We remembered everything we needed -no small feat since I worked until 1:00 this morning. We only got a tidge lost, and that was because the exit we needed was actually closed and the detours were not marked in ways we understood.

It was an exhausting day ;) We watched the sailboats.

We built sand castles.

We watched the waves.

When that became too exhausting, we read beach books and fell asleep. We ate baba ganoush and pita I had left over from something else. It's possible that we were a teensy bit late with the sunscreen application, but other than that the day was perfect. I feel restored.

And there are babies to hold at work ;)

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