Thursday, June 05, 2008

Feathering My Nest

I always wanted sweet porch furniture. Dave never did. Guess how that played out.

But, I had just resigned myself to not being able to afford porch furniture this year. It's kind of expensive. And I really do have to keep reminding myself that not everything has to be done at once. The difference between thinking you can't have porch furniture and knowing that you will is everything -and it's plenty for now. Getting the actual furniture can wait.

But... my friend Elizabeth and her mother came for a girls' day a few weeks ago, and there was a fabulous sale on this porch rocker. And Elizabeth drives a truck, so we were able to shove it in her car. And in the spirit of amazing friendship, she and her mother were willing to do that. I had the side table somewhere else in the house. I had the pillow. The hurricane lamp was a gift from a special friend from an internet group. So, it's my morning coffee sanctuary.

Clearly, the area needs some sprucing up and some more furniture. But it will happen. I'm sure of that now! And I realize that every time I make something that's only mine (as opposed to using something that I shared with Dave) a little bit of healing happens.


Nina said...

It's lovely. I can easily imagine sitting there and drinking a cup of coffee and reading a book in the morning. Nicely done.

snip some flowers from that backyard of yours, stick them in a jar, and you'll be done!

breadchick said...


That is a lovely spot for morning coffee. I love my little oasis on my porch for coffee too. Must be the midwestern girl in me!!