Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Crisis Averted

OK.... there's divorce, infidelity, betrayal, and life trauma. And then there's the bad stuff ;) I went to Panera this morning for coffee (and to do some homework for my life coach... that's another story!) and my iPod wouldn't work. At all. It's several years old and I'm not particularly gentle with it. And it's sort of been a little wonky lately anyway; I've been having trouble syncing it with my computer. It could be dead.

My heart just sank. iPods can be replaced, with...ummm.... the money I spent on tents and sleeping bags ;) But they can be replaced. Yes, I know iTunes tells you to back up your music. Do you really suppose I did that???? Please. The thought of replacing all that music -even of knowing what all of it is- sent me into a sinking spell!

But I got home and popped the podling into the player I use for household music, and it's playing away. I still can't get it to sync, but at least I have music!



breadchick said...

Andrea, you just have to "reset" it. That happened to me last week on the 5:10pm out of Grand Central. I had a 72 minutes packed commuter ride home sans my sanity inducing music.

I got home and looked in my Ipod Missing Manual book and found out how to reset it. You can also get that info here:

Lisa :-] said...

Heed the warning and back it up.