Sunday, February 03, 2008

Update on the 18-month plan

If I were a worthy human.... if I had an organizing bone in my body.... if, if, if.... then I would be 1/18 of the way through the 18-month plan. Alas, not so much with that. To hold myself accountable, here's where I really am.

Anatomical, Gastronomical, Sartorial
My weight is unchanged. That's unfortunate.
This is probably due to my also failing to make my exercise goals. The girl-child and I have decided to make that a focus of February -hauling ourselves to the gym, the pool, the dance studio, the rock climbing wall, and/or the yoga studio. If I do something three times a week, I'll call myself having met my February goal. My excuse here is that I was getting used to my new work schedule. But I've been working this schedule for a month now. Enough with the whining. Make something happen here!

I have had people over, but not for brunch. I'm going to work on that, really, but I don't think there's a good time in February.

I have worked, sort of, on a wine collection. My goals here are very modest; I'm so very NOT a connoisseur. So when I say that I worked on it, I bought one bottle of really good white wine and I decided which red I'm going to try to see if I like it. That's good enough for me.

No luck on the neighborhood bar.

I have been rock climbing and I'm even getting less sucky at it!

Sarah the wonder-hair dresser continues to save my sanity and I do have new work clothes, thanks mostly to that fashionista daughter of mine.

The only thing I did to improve my yoga space was buy (and assemble, miraculously!) one of those indoor water fountains. I like it a lot.

Romantical, Platonical, Familial
I filed for divorce and have worked more or less steadily on protecting myself there. I have resisted the urge to call and/or e-mail Dave, which is something of a triumph. That also gets filed under the "protecting myself" category since that never goes well for me.

I got an address book and started entering people's information into it. I purchased and MAILED (ta da!!) birthday cards for January. I wrote to one out-of-the-area friend with the sad news of my life. The rest of that stuff's not done yet.

I haven't bought the house, but I'm working on it. This is a source of some fear and concern, but I'm trying to be brave. Basically, nothing in this category is much beyond the dreaming stage.

Professional, Financial, Educational
Nope... nothing much here, either

Spiritual, Communal
I've started going to church again, as of today. I've nurtured connections with local and not-so-local friends, and I've joined a book group (that hasn't met yet, but it will start soon). The rest of that stuff is still pending.

Expeditional, Recreational
Sib trip is in the planning stages and I'm saving for Tuscany.

Is that enough for one month? I'm not sure. I know for sure that I don't have the life I envision. I'm pretty sure I'm on the right path and am taking steps to keep the path under my feet, as it were. But I feel like I should have made more progress.

And to that end, I have two hours before I need to leave for work. I can spend one of them at the gym and no harm would come from that.


Lisa :-] said...

Considering the events of your life in the past several months, I think you're doing marvelously well to even HAVE a plan, much less to have implemented even a few minor parts of it. Brava to you, my dear! :-]

breadchick said...

I'd say you've done very well for yourself when you consider what you've been through!

Barbara said...

You're doing fine. Who says progress has to be proportional? I'd assume any change will accelerate as you move further away from the awfulness just behind you, and the new job, and all the transitions, both good and bad. Congratulations on your progress thus far -- just getting through the days is significant progress. Count it!

Jen said...

Excellent progress, I'd say. Although you may want to get a bottle of red to go with the bottle of white, unless of course you drink the bottle of white first, then, you'd be at square one.

Humor and grace, both evident in abundance in your posts, go a long way toward working the plan. It seems you're heading in exactly the right direction.

Lexy said...

You're not standing still. That's all that matters.