Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Climbing High

OK, we need a little comic relief from yesterday. Here's some proof that we do actually climb rocks, we sometimes get to the top (the kids always do... I sometimes do) and we have the cool equipment (clearly, the key ingredient to fundamental coolness!). FIrst I'll show you how it should look.

That's Nicholas. He's really good. Here's another view of the same climb. Just another day of parenting -keeping my baby alive!

Okay, yes, I climb too. I can't even believe I'm showing you this: I'm climbing in a chimney, and it's harder than it looks. Give me a break. See how smooth that rock is??? Another view of the same thing: The clever reader will notice that I'm in the exact same spot. Yeah... that was pretty much it for that climb. Can I distract you by pointing out the wildly cool lavender harness???

Having been more successful than his mother, the boy-child is coming down. He is not landing in a heap of broken bones due to my expert skills. Well, actually, it's due to my acute paranoia that my expert skills are in fact pathetic. But pretend for me, would you?

And we're unclipping and getting ready to go to lunch, where I will ply them with food and drink so that they forget that I am a lame climbing buddy.

Thanks to Victoria for the pictures!


Renee said...

I saw the harness, but did not see any ropes attached to it. ?!?

Yarn Tails said...

That looks like it would be fun! I don't think I could personally do it.

Jen said...

I personally like the shoes a lot! But those harnesses look darned uncomfortable.I was wondering about the ropes too?? And that chimney looks VERY slick.

A fun time--especially with lunch and drinks after.

Lexy said...

You look good on the rocks, A! ;)

Lisa :-] said...

See? The kids keep you young and limber.

Or not... ;)