Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today is Your Birthday!

It's a song. Can you hear the music????

And actually it is. But what I really was referring to is the fact that Saturday is my mother's 70th birthday, which has become a bit of a Southern-belle event. Think a fairly absurd cross between Cinderella and The Age of Innocence, with possibly a little Gatsby thrown in for good measure. It's not a great match for this Birkenstock-wearing, bike-riding girl who's been looking all day for the make-up that she used to have somewhere.....

Cross all your fingers and toes that this event goes well. I'm off to Alabama, where I will -I am given to understand- wear a tiara. Only for my mother, I swear by all that is holy. If I didn't basically like her -if she hadn't put up with ME lo these many years- I swear I'd show up wearing what I'm wearing right this minute.

I'll be back on Tuesday. If you don't hear me from, I broke my neck descending the grand staircase into the ballroom.

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