Monday, August 07, 2006

Honey, I'm home!

Mamapalooza is over and all went well. Pictures will be posted here, there, and everywhere soon. We returned slightly earlier than planned, because the boy-child was unable to get off from work today. So we red-eyed it, and got back home this morning at about 4. The poor dear, he's been at work since 7:30 (I hope) and the rest of us can sleep the day away.

There was no descending the grand staircase into the ballroom, thank all that is holy. There was no tiara wearing, except by the birthday girl and in the privacy of her own home, which is totally acceptable birthday behavior, I think. Tiny Thomas, the nephew born 3 1/2 months premature, is fabulous in every way. It is possible that I have more pictures of him than of the birthday festivities. My other nephews are fabulous and cute and smart, too. It is apparently impossible to get a good cup of coffee in Birmingham, Alabama. Certainly there is none to be found in my mother's corner of that town. Should you ever find yourself in a car with my son driving, take prophylactic Dramamine. You won't get queasy and you'll sleep through the worst parts. That's all I know at this point. I'll report back when some more of the dust has settled.

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