Monday, August 15, 2005

Why on earth do I want a blog?

There are many, many things I'm interested in that aren't part of my professional (such as it is) life. I keep meaning to take the time to stop and think about them, really puzzle them out. But that day never comes. I just randomly decided that today is that day.

Well, it wasn't totally random. I just got a brand spanking new haircut; I'm re-inventing. So what the heck. This will be my spot to think about these things as well as my public commitment to do so.

Here's what I'm thinking:
Sundays: Catholicism, spirituality, meditation....
Mondays: social work, feminism, other social issues that spring to mind
Tuesdays: fitness, because my brain got worn out with yesterday's blogging and now my body needs attention
Wednesdays: yoga
Thursdays: political ranting
Fridays: random 10 songs from my beloved iPod. I'm SO in love with my iPod! books I'm reading; movies I've seen. That kind of thing.
Saturdays: knitting

And of course, I reserve the right to post whatever else I like. Something could happen in the big wide world that triggers an actual thought in my mind.

Why on earth would anyone care? That, I don't have an answer to. Probably no one does. I'm okay with that.


Michael said...

Welcome to the fellowship of the online writers. I've put a link to this blog on mine (at Typepad, but the way this is set up I have to use my old Blogger profile). You'll find that all sorts of networks spring up online, so don't be afraid to head over to Technorati or one of the other blog tracking places and plug in things that look interesting. If you're looking for material, I can absolutely recommend Bloglines ( That lets you keep up with the latest posts from all your favorite blogs, and also news outlets from around the world (which is what I use it for). You can read just what you're interested in, from the sources you like and trust, and you can put together an online clippings file for when you're desperate for material.

Best advice I can give you is be yourself. Talk about what's interesting to you, and the hell with what everybody else is doing.

Andrea Rusin said...

Thanks for the ideas! Off to Technorati I go.

Lori Mollett said...

Andrea, your blog has inspired me to do the same. There is a lot of stuff I want to be able to impart and I think that blogging is quite a good way to do it. :)

Lori M

Jeff Berry said...

I also agree!!