Monday, August 29, 2005

Breaking My Own Rules

I'm supposed to muse about social work issues today, and I have several thoughts percolating around in my brain. Unfortunately, they are staying resolutely sub-verbal. I hate that. That probably means that it's a good time to shut up, though.

The questions I'm musing on include -where's a better model for helping people in crisis than Critcal Incident Stress Management? I know some exist, but I also know that the Red Cross still uses CISM, and the hurricane is weighing heavily on my mind and heart. CISM certainly isn't going to hurt anyone. I'm just wondering if there is something more empowering and efficient.

How do communities heal after a huge tragedy like this? THIS question has been on my mind since the first famous school shooting incident. It's probably time to get to this one. Of course, it would be good if I knew what a healthy community looked like, which I don't have a handle on either.

I know you'll wait with baited breath for my pearls of wisdom on these subjects. Yeah, right! But I'll be glad to spend some time tending to these questions, so stay tuned ;)

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