Friday, August 26, 2005

The Lovely LilaPod

If you saw or read High Fidelity, you already know how much a playlist can say about a person. That's disconcerting!

Here's the game. Put your iPod in shuffle mode. List the first 10 songs that show up, and no fair leaving out the ones that make you look like a dork. Here are mine for this week.

    Random Ten
  1. Don Messer Medley -Leahy
  2. Gone Gonna Rise Again -John McCutcheon
  3. Allegheny Moon -Anne Murray
  4. I Shall Not Walk Alone -Blind Boys of Alabama
  5. Changes in Latitude; Changes in Attitude -Jimmy Buffett
  6. Cartwheels -Patti Smith
  7. Piano Concerto No. 5 -Beethoven
  8. Wild Women Do -Natalie Cole
  9. Mystic Seacliffs -Bill Whelan
  10. Act 1: Duettino: Viens, Malika -Delibes


Andrea Rusin said...

I thought this was going to be an ordered list. But I kind of liek the flower-y things. I just don't know how they happened.

Michael said...

If you used the < ul > tag instead of the < ol > tag (unordered versus ordered), you'll get just the bullet-pointy things. But they are nice.

Terminal Student said...

OK, but they require some serious explanations. And I started one down the list, since the first one is never really random, it's just what's alphabetically at the top of your playlist (in this case "'s Fagaim Mo Bhaile" by Enya)

"Everything in its Right Place" by Radiohead
This is from an album of Scott's and therefore all Cool Points must go to hime.

"Verb: That's What Happening" by Moby
This is from an album of covers of all the old School House Rock songs which RULES. (But the cover of "Three is a Magic Number" by Blindmelon is better.)

"Khallini Biljao" by Maya Nasri
This is from Sahara Lounge, one of the many, many compilation CDs I've purchased looking for good performance music.

"Non Sarai Mai" by Bandabardo
Ditto for this one. It's off Eurolounge. Not very danceable, but would be nice to eat dinner to.

"Jina Jina" by Karmix
This is actually off the album Karmix, which I bought because I had a compilation album with another song of theirs that I liked. This sounds like it could be off the Xena soundtrack.

"Im Hamada" by Apo
Another bellydance compilation submission, this one from Music For The Hips.

"5'1"" by Tiny Lights
This is off of Freedom of Choice, a pro-choice fundraiser that features covers of various new wave hits from the 80s. I don't recognize this song at all.

"Tired of Toein' the Line" by Rocky Burnette
This is one of the not great songs on Good Times, an otherwise very fun compilation album. This sounds like a Roy Orbison wannabe.

"Sunday Morning: Nationalities and Languages" --Conversational Portuguese
Er, this is actually from a British Portuguese language instruction CD. It's funny. Everyone once in a while they have dialogues for you to practice and when it's your turn to speak some Judy Dench soundalike whispers in your ear to tell you what to say. "Say your name!"

"London Halflife"-Metric
This must be something Scott added on. I don't recognize it at all.

So, overall, really not very representative of me. I would have expected a mix of Abba, the Eagles, Cheb i Sabbah, and Christmas songs.

Andrea Rusin said...

Yeah, I always feel like my lists need some explanation or defense, too.