Saturday, July 05, 2008

Planning for Healing

I gave up on regular planners a long time ago. I tried -and gave up on- web-based planners as well. I had a Palm Pilot and some other hand-held gizmos of the early days. They didn't work either. It is possibly not a surprise to you that my brain is quirky ;) But if there is to be any glimmer of hope that I will get to my appointments on time AND finish my projects AND take care of myself and other people, then I have to have something.

The Andrea-planner is born. Actually it's born and born again every month when it's time to print new pages. I admit to being a brat. If I don't like my tools, I won't use them. And then I'll forget to pick you up at the airport, or something. So it behooves all of us for me to have a planner that matches the whole bag of crazy that is my brain. I need a pen-and-paper tool for scheduling. I want two pages per day. I want them to be a certain size. I like it if the paper is pretty. One thing I particularly want is for the planning categories to make sense to me, and they have to be clever. God forbid I should be bored! This month they are:

Stage Your Comeback (this is physical health/fitness/weight stuff)
Be a Domestic Goddess (see yesterday)
Create a Life that Matters (this title still isn't quite right -it's learning/writing/blogging...that stuff)
Make Yourself Indispensable (work tasks)
Be Your Own Bodyguard (healing my heart, confronting my fears, positioning myself for the next job, financial security stuff)
Grow Your Roots (friends and family stuff)
Let Yourself Fly (making room for adventure and gratuitous self-care)

These categories have sub-tasks, and I get a little kick out of making sure that all the pieces of my life are getting attention and resources. And sometimes I learn something about my own growth and evolution by watching how that process goes.

I have almost nothing this month in "healing my heart". That meant, of course, taking steps to be less broken and defeated from this divorce process. I STILL haven't gotten around to anger at Dave, but I have managed boredom. I just don't care what he does anymore. Sometimes his narcissism surprises and appalls me, but it doesn't wound me. I think my heart isn't broken anymore. And I learned that from my planner!

I'm thinking that next month that category will be renamed Thriving After the Pain. Thriving as Revenge? (just kidding about that one) Surviving Becomes Thriving? Anyway... I'll think of the right witty category-name. But the point it, my heart is whole again. At least for now.


Anonymous said...

That is great. There are always lots of hope in life.
I am glad to see strong women like you in my life.

Lisa :-] said...

I personally like "Thriving as Revenge..." ;)

Loretta_S said...

I kind of like "thriving as revenge" as a category too. My "go with the flow" brain balks at this level of organization. I would probably benefit from it though.