Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sam's Afghan

My grandmother -like all self-respecting grandmothers of a certain generation- crocheted afghans. She made me (and both of my sisters, I think) afghans when we went away to college. Mine is green and I still have it. I still use it, for that matter. The week before Victoria was born, that grandmother died. Of course that was a sad thing for so many important reasons. However, a small thing that no longer happened was that there was no one around to make afghans for the brothers who still had to launch themselves.

Now, of course, two of her great-grandchildren are already finished with college -armed with afghans, never fear. And Sam (Baby-Sam. I'm QUITE sure he was a baby just yesterday.) has graduated from high school and is launching himself off to college.

It takes no great mind to have predicted this date. I know when he was born. I know how long it takes to get through school. I can do the math. And yet.....

When I agreed to knit him a blanket to take away to school, it all seemed safely far away. And then the invitation to his graduation party arrived. Last Wednesday.


That day I ...ummmm.... bought the yarn. Hey... it's not nothing. I had to choose five colors! That go together. For an artistic boy-child. That is WAY not nothing. And now I've started.

Sam dear, it's going to get bigger. I'm just going to have to keep you posted. There are two blues and two greens and white. It's made of yarn you don't have to baby. It can keep you warm. Or it can be a picnic blanket at the beach. Whatever. Auntie Andrea is now hard at work on Afghan: The Second Generation. Hang in there!

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