Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh my GOD, my DAY!!!!

So... I go to work. After work, I stop by the Costco which is on the way home from work. I stock up on stuff, since I need to feed youngsters this weekend, walk to my car, load it up... and my purse is gone. I can not find it. I tear the car apart, thinking I might have buried it with the groceries -not outside the realm of the possible.

Eventually, though, I have to give up. It's gone. I file a police report -with a very kind police officer who is the age of my child. But he's kind and helpful and gentle. And then I drive home and I don't even put away the groceries. I have to borrow my neighbor's phone, since I don't have a landline anymore, and I start canceling credit cards. Somewhere in the process, I call the kids to tell them that I don't have my cell phone anymore and they should e-mail me if they need me.

And yes, throughout the whole process, there is some resentment. THIS is the kind of thing it's nice to have a partner to help you with. I can't blame Dave for the fact that my purse was stolen, but.... I want to, and that's the truth.

However, I have good experiences with all of the credit card companies. Everyone is kind and thoughtful and suggests reasonable courses of action.

Then, Victoria shows up in my office, announcing merely "I know where your purse is." What???? Apparently, my phone was found and the finder scrolled through my contacts until he found "mom". He called my mother in Alabama. The mind reels a little trying to imagine this conversation. She kept trying, apparently, to call my cell phone to tell me my cell phone had been found. Eventually, she gets it and calls Victoria -who tries to call my cell phone to tell me my cell phone has been found. The poor man is probably wishing he'd just thrown the thing in the river at this point.

But she drives over here to give me the news. My credit cards are all canceled, but the old ones haven't been used. My phone has been found. And I might even have my new red purse, when all is said and done. The guy works about three blocks from my office, so he's going to meet me there, because he didn't want me to be uncomfortable meeting a strange man in a strange place.

Certainly I'll offer him a reward, but mom says she heard kids in the background. I think I'll drop off little Easter baskets too. It's been a death-resurrection sort of day.

And tomorrow, I'll call about getting a landline, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Jeepers! What a day! but, you handled it. You made it through. Once you get your purse back, have a glass of wine and toast the good and thoughtful people in the world, and remember that you are a part of that tribe. Hang in there.

Lexy said...

I LIKE this story! Good people and all that. I NEVER hear stories like that. But the purse WAS stolen, right? Let's see if more good guys show up and then WE WIN!!!!!

You don't need a landline. Them's my thoughts.

And an Easter basket would be such a nice reward. Nice person that you are!

Anonymous said...

This is your Knitters On Belay swap secret pal. Just wanted to let you know that I'm mailing a box of goodies to you either this afternoon or tomorrow!

And wow - glad you got your stuff back!