Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Letter to my Body

Blogher has launched (a while back, actually) a Letter to my Body Initiative -the idea being, of course, that we should talk tenderly, respectfully, carefully, and lovingly to our bodies. And women DO talk to their bodies, apparently.

So, I'll show you mine if you show me yours ;)

Dearest body,

I know we haven't always gotten along. I've never abused you or hated you, but that must be cold comfort. Surely you deserve better than benign neglect! Well, you do deserve better than that. I've treated you as nothing more than a way to get my brain to meetings.

The truth is, I have much to thank you for. Mostly, you've withstood being ignored with very few complaints. You've responded and learned everything I've asked you to do. You've done back flips and swan dives, jumped out of airplanes (don't worry, we won't be doing THAT again!), danced until dawn, gone for bike rides that felt like flying, and learned the occasional yoga posture. Really, you're a wonder. You've healed when healing was difficult. You've birthed two babies. OK, so you needed a little help with that last one; he was a big old thing ;)

So in this time of reinventing myself, how do you want to be different? Healthier? Prettier? Stronger? What can I do for you? How can you and I (the brain that you carry so willingly to meetings) be a little more integrated?

I think that little twinge in my upper back means that you need some yoga and massage. OK, I'm on it. I want to climb, ride, dance, love, explore. Maybe I even want to run; the jury's still out on that one. But I've said these things before -and even mostly followed through.

There's more. There's some self care that I just need to admit that I want and need -and bloody well deserve. I can go to a spa once a year. I can get my teeth straightened. I can throw myself at Sarah-the-wonder-hairdresser's mercy. This isn't self-indulgent, anti-feminist claptrap. Well, it's not necessarily those things, anyway.

And mostly, I can talk to you carefully and gently. I don't have to like the stretch marks, and scars, and little puddles of fat that ought not be there. Nonetheless, the fact remains that you are beautifully made. I will try to catch myself when I revert to negative and destructive self-talk. At the very least, I will focus on my aspirations rather than my limitation.

Dear one, if I do all these things at once, I'll probably melt from the worldview shift. But I respect you. You've done more than your fair share over the years. It's time for me to show you a little kindness.

And if it seems like I'm forgetting, make that little twinge less little. That will get my attention!

Love always,


Lisa :-] said...

This is great. I need to write one of these...

breadchick said...

Andrea, you are true wonder. Thanks for sharing this little bit of your reinvention.

I need to be kinder to my body and this exercise is a great place to start.