Monday, October 22, 2007

Things I'm Learning

They are not earth-shattering things.

Country music will not help.
Friends will.
It's hard to be so abjectly on the receiving end of a friendship.
I don't have any choice but to be on the receiving end.
Yoga can momentarily heal a broken heart.
It's possible to be psychically bleeding and still move forward.

I'm a wreck, but I'm moving forward. Fear not, dear ones. I will not crumble. Of course, if you want to call me and go out for a beer, just to reassure yourself on that point, I'm good with that!


Renee said...

Don't forget that massage you so deserve! In fact, I think a whole spa day is in order.

Lisa :-] said...

Hey, if you're up for a little trip, I'm totally up for tipping one with ya at the cafe... ;-]

Barbara said...

I'll buy you a beer any time, any where. Thinking of you in these difficult days of transition. Our hearts are all with you --

wombat said...

I'm sorry I didn't come visit your blog in all this time and I'm really really sorry about the pain you are going through. Hope to come visit you before you take off again. I've been more than usually self-absorbed lately as Bear my dog succumbed to old age and although I should have known it was coming I'm still heartsick. I'm planning on time being the healer and I hope that you make it through this thing. It seems like you have many good friends. Elizabeth