Monday, May 07, 2007

A Feminist Follows Her Man

Well, who knew I was this girl? Certainly I didn't know.

Math-Man has been offered a one-year extension of his contract on the east coast and really wants to be there for another year. Honest to Pete, I don't have another year living apart in me. It has not gone unnoticed that he probably does. Too bad ;) So I'm going to uproot my life here, temporarily but fundamentally, and go live with him in a graduate-student-worthy apartment with cast off furniture. The "trailing spouse" gig will really be mine for a while.


I'm sure that I will have actual reflections on this before too long. What's getting to me now are the details of it all. Random thoughts pop into my head. My cell phone contract's not up until November. What will we do with the rock climbing gym membership? The downstairs toilet still runs if you're not careful. I'll have to fix that before we rent the house. Stupid stuff.

And then I think... and just who have you become, missy? And then I really freak out.


jill said...

just who have you become, missy?

Ummm... someone who makes her own choices and not the non-choices of:

a.) The Eisenhower template, who would demand you uproot yourself based on the whims of your man, or:

b.) The Alleged Feminist template, who would insist you do exactly the opposite, just because you can't go and do what They want you to.

Right? Do I get a gold star? Because I think you get one for querying, "What do I really want?" and then really listening to the answer.

jill said...

...also, can I be totally, selfishly excited that you're going to be within driving distance of me for a whole year? Please?

Rhea said...

Wow! There will be a lot to think about. It's an adventure, in any case!

Andrea Rusin said...

You guys are sweet. And I'll be delighted to be closer to Jill. I'm counting on you to help me find some good yoga!

Michael said...

Well, as far as the house is concerned, when might you be looking to rent it? I happen to know of an incoming faculty member in education who's looking for a temporary base while his wife resolves some second-career issues. He was looking for an apartment for a one-year lease, so an option to rent a house for that length of time might also be attractive.

On the other hand, now who am I going to get to share snarky comments with in the middle of Mass?

Lisa :-] said... is a journey.

You have not necessarily "become" anything different. After a great deal of thought, you made an informed choice. And, quite possibly, have opened yourself up to an adventure...