Monday, December 11, 2006

My Carbon Diet -Greening My Wardrobe

Oh for heaven's sake. I'm lucky to have a wardrobe -and my fashionista daughter would claim that I don't. I have clothes, but nothing resembling a wardrobe. (Imagine a sigh indicating serious angst emanating from child #1.) And now I'm supposed to be sure it's green, too???? OK. Let's look at this.

Here are the incremental suggestions that Slate and Treehugger suggest for the Carbon Diet:
  • use your dryer carefully -use the moisture sensor; clean the lint filter; use it only when it's full.
  • use the extended spin on your washer, so that clothes are as dry as possible when they go into the dryer.
  • buy organic cotton clothing
  • look for clothes with recycled content
  • buy vintage or at consignment clothing
  • buy fewer leather shoes, replacing them with canvas or hemp.

Oh dear..... I use the dryer well, I suppose. Seriously, who has time to run half-loads of laundry? I wish I could line-dry, but especially in this weather it's just not an option. But I think the only times I've purchased organic cotton it's been organic yarn for baby clothing. Maybe I have some organic-fiber yoga clothes. I do go to the local, great consignment shop, Encore Clothing.

And hang on.... there's stuff I do that's not on this list. I want half-credit, or something. I don't use dryer sheets. I bought some little fluff ball things that are supposed to last a year. They're great. I buy Ecological wool as often as I can. It's not dyed. The colors of the sheep? That's the color of the yarn. I love it. (Eco-Plus yarn is dyed. There aren't hot pink sheep, outside of Dr. Suess books.)

I think I'm failing this week's challenge. Sigh.


Lisa :-] said...

Organic cotton clothing? Hah! I'd settle for something NOT made in the far east...

I DO, however, buy a lot of second-hand clothes at the Goodwill Stores... Score one for me!

Terminal Student said...

Yeah, cause the canvas and hemp shoes are gonna keep your feet nice and dry in the winter. I'm sorry, but for some things there just aren't any good substitutes. And most organic cotton clothing is UGLY. I don't want to save the planet if it means dressing in schmatta.