Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Random 10

Sorry for the absence, sweeties. You don't want to know. I've been acting like some cartoon character nut-case. It's not pretty. But the Friday Random 10, I can still do. I'm pretty sure.

You know the drill. Take out your iPod and set it to shuffle. Tell us the first ten songs that appear -and no fair leaving out the ones that make you look like a dork. Here are mine for the week:

  • You Get What You Give; The New Radicals
  • Rhythm of the Rain; Cascades
  • Bicycle Named Heaven; Catie Curtis
  • Stille Nacht; Chanticleer
  • Let's Impeach the President; Neil Young
  • Hurricane Party; Cowboy Mouth
  • So Long, So Wrong; Alison Krauss
  • Firebird Suite; Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • Take a Chance on Me; Abba (Oh dear!)
  • Educated Guess; Ani DiFranco


Michael said...

I brought home a little something from San Francisco I hope will be a reminder to you to stay focused on the important stuff. (Which isn't to say this blog, or at least that this blog isn't the most important thing in your life.)

Andrea Rusin said...