Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Ass is Dragging

Well, if you know me, you know that that's almost literally true, but what I MEAN is, it's been a hard weekend. Which is all by way of explaining the light and variable blogging activity.

A friend had abdominal surgery for what was almost certain to be ovarian cancer. Turns out it isn't, thank heavens. But she still had surgery. So we went up to Beloit this weekend to take care of her, and for Dave to ride bikes with her husband so that he could have a fun break too. It was just the kind of "babysitting" that friends occasionally do for friends, and they've certainly done for us over the years.

Then, we arrive back home, and it turns out that the neighbor has had a heart attack in our driveway, pretty literally five minutes before. The ambulance has taken him to a hospital in another town for an angiogram, but they've confirmed the EMTs' theory that it really was a heart attack. This man is possibly 40, maybe not quite, and athletic and trim. He also has a father with Alzheimer's and two autistic sons. So, there's a little bit of stress in his life. Think good thoughts for that family, and calm nurturing thoughts as the neighbors and family take turns caring for these dear, challenged little boys during a difficult time.

Where's the peppermint schnapps? I think it would be medicinal right about now.

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