Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Random 10

You know the drill. Take out your iPod and set it to shuffle mode. Tell us the first ten songs that appear -and no fair leaving out the ones that make you look like a dork. Here are mine for the week:
  • Dulaman; Altan
  • How Can I Keep from Singing?; SheDaisy (a lovely a cappella version with women's voices
  • It's My Life; Bon Jovi
  • There Goes the Neighborhood; Shania Twain (oh dear. Let's hope this song is this week's dorkage event)
  • You Don't Own Me; Lesley Gore (I guess the Shania wasn't enough. Sigh. This song is a family in-joke and had to be on my iPod.)
  • Left Me a Fool; Indigo Girls
  • Begin the Beguine; Jimmy Dorsey
  • Running on Empty; Jackson Browne
  • One Good Year; Slaid Cleaves
  • London Calling; The Clash

OK... NOT a typical list for me. Can I convince you that I'm a many-faceted person and therefore fascinating? As opposed to just weird, I mean....?

1 comment:

Michael said...

You've got nothing to worry about. My list this week, on the other hand, consisted almost entirely of Christmas carols and religious music. In July.