Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Random 10

You know the drill. Take out your iPod and set it to shuffle mode. Tell us the first ten songs that play -and no fair leaving out the ones that make you look like a dork. Dorkiness is my typical state of affairs, so... here's my list.

  • Disobey; Kate Havevnik (from my Uppity Women playlist)
  • I Wanna Feel That Way Again; Tracy Bird (Oh dear. This is from my Heart-Broken Cowboys; Fun-Loving Cowgirls playlist. I won't subject you to the rest of it.)
  • Sweet Dreams; Emmylou Harris (Lullabies playlist)
  • Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Minor, Larghetto; Chopin via Emanual Ax (in a generic piano music playlist)
  • Suite in D Major, "Air on a G String"; Bach (Sappy Classical Music playlist)
  • Girl on a Bicycle; Ralph McTell (I Want to Ride My Bicycle playlist)
  • King of the Road; Elvis Presley (essential in my Running Errands playlist)
  • I Could Have Danced All Night; Rosemary Clooney (Chick Flicks playlist)
  • Closer to Fine; Indigo Girls (Rebel with a Clue playlist)
  • May This Be Love; Emmylou Harris (Down from the Mountain playlist)

1 comment:

Renee said...

Hey! It's been a while since I checked over here and it happens to be on a Friday! Let me fire up the Nano...

1. Armagideon Time-The Clash
2. Whip It-Devo
3. You Make Loving Fun-Fleetwood Mac
4. Jaani Jaan-Dum Dum Project
5. Baby I Love Your Way-Big Mountain
6. Beat My Guest-Adam Ant
7. Guilty-All
8. Song Beneath the Song-Maria Taylor
9. The Only Living Boy in New York-Simon & Garfunkle
10. She'll Come Back to Me-Cake

I really can only claim responsibility for a few of those. Several are from a playlist of Scott's I copied, and a bunch are from various soundtracks.